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Prepare for the saga of CryptoFights, where heroes ascend, legends collide and the destiny of Elderia hangs on the edge of your will.


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How do I download and install CryptoFights?


CryptoFights: Ascension has not launched yet but will be available to play very soon.

To stay informed and receive updates, sign up for our email newsletter or follow us on Twitter. When the game launches, you can download it directly from the Google Play Store. Shortly after the initial launch, will be available on Apple App Store and Windows.

What are the different game modes available in CryptoFights?


CryptoFights offers various game modes such as:

  • PvP (Player vs. Player), players can challenge eachother and test their skills in intense combat.
  • PvE (Player vs. Environment), providing encounters against AI-opponents and boss battles.
  • Craft & Enchant, which will be releaed at a later date, where weapons, armor and materials you discover are used to create powerful equipment for battle

What types of items do I acquire while playing CryptoFights?


In CryptoFights, acquiring new weapons and armor is an essential part of enhancing your combat prowess. There are several ways to obtain these valuable items.

Firstly, you can discover weapons and armor as loot drops during battles. Defeating enemies and conquering challenges increases your chances of finding powerful gear as rewards.

In the future, participating in tournaments and competitive events can grant you access to weapons and armor. These events often offer unique and sought-after items as prizes for successful players.

Another avenue to acquire new gear is through in-game shops and marketplaces. Using in-game currency or other trading mechanisms, you can purchase weapons and armor directly from these sources. Keep an eye out for special offers and limited-time deals that may appear in the marketplace.

Can I trade or sell my in-game items from CryptoFights?


Yes, you can trade or sell your in-game items from CryptoFights using the FYX Gateway. The FYX Gateway is seamlessly connected to your CryptoFights account and every item you own in-game is stored in the Game Vault of the FYX Gateway. Simply move your items from the Game Vault to the Chain Vault. Once your items are in the Chain Vault, you can access your items on digital marketplaces to trade or sell!

What is the in-game currency in CryptoFights and how can I earn it?


The in-game currency is Gold. Currently, there is no direct way to earn Gold within the CryptoFights game. As a new player, you will receive a certain amount of Gold to start your journey. However, when you run out of Gold, you can purchase it in game, in this shop, or can acquire it from a digital marketplace such as OpenSea.

In the digital marketplace, you can buy Gold from other users. Then you can use the FYX Gateway to move Gold from the Chain Vault to the Game Vault. Once in the Game Vault, your items are available in game. Keep in mind that the specific mechanisms for earning Gold in CryptoFights may evolve over time as the game continues to develop and new features are introduced.